MONDAY, MARCH 19, 2018
Dress up your downtime
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Sport the sailor look
To broaden a skinny frame

The simplest way to dress relaxed is to bring in nautical stripes-especially the iconic blue and white sailor ones. The nautical look can camouflage a skinny frame as horizontal stripes visually broaden the chest. But when aiming for a nautical look, ensure that you pick one standout item and pare it down with a neutral top or bottom. Have you ever thought of teaming a blazer with a pair of knee-length nautical shorts? No? Well, now's the time to go all out. Wear a t-shirt over shorts and layer up with a lightweight, light blue sports blazer.

Jazz it up: Casual accessories go best with the nautical look. Replace your leather belt with a braided one, a metal strap watch with leather and a formal pocket square with a preppier, printed one.

Canali t-shirt, Rs 51,000; SS Homme jacket, Rs 26,000; Nautica shorts, Rs 3,599, belt, Rs 2,499; Emporio Armani watch, Rs 19,795.

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