MONDAY, MARCH 19, 2018
Dress up your downtime
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Wear darker chinos
For slimmer legs

Cotton is your most potent wardrobe staple, especially when it comes to travel wear. Jeans will always seem casual, even when you dress them up. But chinos, worn with the right jacket, can carry you into any high-end club. Chinos in dark colours also visually knock off kilos from bulky thighs.These pants are softer on your skin and easier to break in than denim. "Choose the colour for your chinos based on your build. If you have well-toned, athletic legs, you can try reds and rich browns to forest greens and blues. But stick to darker shades if you don't want to draw attention to your legs,"
says Kochhar.

Jazz it up: Team your chinos with a pattern t-shirt. If you're skinny, this will add an illusion of bulk to your upper body.

Gant t-shirt, Rs 4,999; Cue jacket, Rs 17,500; Nautica trousers, Rs 4,499; Emporio Armani watch, Rs 19,795; Versace sunglasses, Rs 14,500; SS Homme lapel pin, Rs 4,500.
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