MONDAY, MARCH 19, 2018
Jacket of all trades
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Leather up right
How to mix rockstar with superstar

You can hardly go wrong with a sleek leather jacket for the winter. But while you wear one this season, you don't want to sport it in the typical biker fashion. Almost anyone can get away with wearing a leather jacket, but you don't necessarily have to ride a motorcycle, or have a certain attitude to pull one off well. So fret no more: Let it enter your work, as well as your social circle and add it to your everyday boardroom and evening essentials list-a basic white dress shirt and a pair of black trousers to give you an edge. "It's okay to team up a leather jacket with your formals, provided you add a set of formal shoes to go with it," suggests Gaurav. "It has the ability to accentuate your shoulders, no matter what built you have. But not every collar style is for every body type, so make sure to pick one that highlights your strong points," says Kamra.

Upgrade your style quotient: Don't be afraid to mix extremes to get the right vibe for your leather jacket. "However, make sure you go for only a well-fitted one while avoiding any fussy patterns or excessive detailing. A distressed finish is great for casual wear, but choose good quality leather for more formal occasions," says Gaurav.

Leather jacket, Burberry, Rs 1,50,000; Shirt, trousers Zara, Rs 2,590, Rs 23,390; Shoes, Canali, Rs 46,000.

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