MONDAY, MARCH 19, 2018
Jacket of all trades
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Do real men wear velvet?
How to make a soft fabric look macho

An opulent fabric, velvet should be your go-to option when you're thinking of putting your best foot forward for a formal evening. "Having been a classic evening wear for years, velvet as a fabric is rich and grabs immediate attention," says, Carlton DeSouza, lead stylist, Myntra. A velvet blazer jacket in particular has the ability to transform any boring shirt and trouser into an instant hit with its luxurious addition. When you have a palette of lighter shades that need an add-on, don't think anything too loud; instead get a blazer from shades of the same colour family, like a lighter pink to go with a rosewood pink. "A velvet blazer commands a neat attire, so make sure to not club it with too many accompaniments. You don't want to kill the glam of a classy jacket," says Kamra. "A flattering cut and a perfect fit are imperative. You can't have a classic that's ill-fitted," adds Gaurav.

Upgrade the style quotient:
Just get a pair of tan brogues to round off the look. Roll up the trousers up to two folds and break away from that serious and mundane evening look.

Jacket, Shirt, Trouser, Shoes, Canali, Rs 95,000, Rs 32,000, Rs 30,000, Rs 41,000.

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