MONDAY, MARCH 19, 2018
Master T-shirt tactics
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You Choose A banded bottom t-shirt. This style is mostly picked from sweatshirt fittings. It is new and quite comfortable but tends to highlight the mid-section. "If you have a paunch, it's best to avoid this style," says Grover.

Do It Right: "Be careful not to wear bulky belts underneath these, as they create a bump and make the t-shirt look a little ill-fitted," advises Grover.

Wear It With: A suit. "Just make sure that the suit is either slim fit or tailored," says Reed. Since this is a less formal look, you can wear a water-proof jacket on top for the monsoon months.
Zara, suit, t-shirt, jacket, Rs 7,599, Rs 1,990, Rs 6,590; Reebok, shoes, Rs 8,000.
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