MONDAY, MARCH 19, 2018
Suit up your every avatar
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Take on a challenge
Flaunt an out-of-theleague machismo

Don't be the man who just lines up his suits in his wardrobe, waiting for the right occasion to wear them. Instead, think of options to make them a part of your everyday wear. "It's not often that you opt for shades other than black, blue and grey when investing in a suit, but breaking away from the usual can prove your skills as a style enthusiast," says Barve. But when making a choice that distinct, like an offbeat brown, include a shirt with complementing colours and patterns. "Checks as a pattern are a great way to bring energy to a suit," suggests Gaurav. When dressing down a suit, never change more than a single element of the look. For instance, you can lose the tie, but keep the leather dress shoes. "But when you go without a tie, make sure the shirt collar is on the smaller side," says Barve.

Upgrade the style quotient:
You want this set to fall in place with precision, so make sure you get the tones of the same colour family to play up the entire look.

Suit, Zara, Rs 7,990; Shirt, Gant, Rs 4,999; Tie, Ashish Soni, Rs 3,200; Belt, Brooks Brothers, Rs 9,990; Watch, Emporio Armani, Rs 16,900; Shoes, Tresmode, Rs 9,990

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