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A shade of Jade
Jia Singh
Tuesday, October 20, 2015
Authentic (and delicious) Chinese food can be hard to find, especialy for those who are used to their Indianised counterparts, but the minute you enter Jade, you know you're up for an authentic treat. Their menu includes everything from the traditional hot and sour soup, sesame chicken and spring rolls, to a more exotic variety of meats that include lobsters, pork loins and scampi.

Eating dumplings with copious amounts of soy sauce, or poultry or fish that has been batter fried, can wreak havoc on your diet and derail you from your fitness and weight goals. I always end up reserving Chinese meals for treats and special occasions because I get a lot of water retention and I'm often afraid of cross contamination.

All my fears were put to rest when I explained to Chef Sahil Sabhlok that I was avoiding gluten and sugar. He was kind enough to prepare dimsums and dumplings made with potato and tapioca starch that were absolutely delicious and free from any wheat and any form of gluten derivative.

I highly recommend these regardless of whether you are gluten free or coeliac, the dimsums are melt in your mouth delicious with the perfect ratio of casing and stuffing.

For soup, I would recommend either a clear soup with veggies and egg drop and no cornflour or other thickeners- especially if you are watching your carbs.

Try the chicken and tofu or the mushroom and seafood but ask for it without any thickener. For main course-I recommend the hunan style steamed fish with a side of bok choy in a light soy sauce for a meal thats healthy, light and satisfying.

For those of you who are carbing up and trying for lean gains, you can have a small portion or rice or buckwheat soba noodles on special request.

Just remember, eating sensibly even when you are eating Chinese isn't impossible. Bon Appetit!

Jade, The Claridges
12, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Road,
Near Lodhi Road, New Delhi
Ph: 011 39555072


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