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Are you a food offender?
Men's Health nutritionists raid the refrigerators of five single men.

Mr Hype and Hoopla
Varun Rana, 31, Fashion Features Director, Harper's Bazaar, India

The first look inside Rana's fridge and you seem to be holding edible souvenirs from his work trips. Extra fine salt from France, Italian cheese, mint jelly from UK, falafel mix, and more cheese. The latter is healthy provided you don't eat the whole block in a sitting. A good source of calcium, protein and healthy fats, sculpted muscles and sparkling teeth are added benefits. But that's about it, there is a glaring absence of fresh food.

Expert's Verdict: With the exception of eggs and yoghurt, the contents in his fridge are fairly unhealthy. Be it the aerated drinks, packaged garlic paste, or the lack of fresh produce except for tomatoes. The variety of relishes and tapenedes increase the carb count while lowering fibre content, making it even more difficult to keep the weight in control.

Mr Wine and dine
Akshat Ghiya, 32, Co-Founder & Director: Karma Recycling

A few glimpses and you would know how a bartender thinks. With enough ingredients and beverages to mix, you can create a great concoction from Ghiya's fridge any time. To top that, for a lean frame like his, the probiotic (curd), low fat milk and fresh fruits like watermelon are the right choices.

Expert's Verdict: Loaded with superfoods (chia, honey, pomegranate, aged cheese, yoghurt) and foods rich in antioxidants (wine and fruits), Ghayi is a connoisseur of good food. He's got the sources of fat (Spanish olives) and omega 3 and cholesterol lowering fibre (chia seeds) right too. While honey fights pathogens and infections, primadophilus, a probiotic can ensure protection from a host of diseases and chronic inflammation. A great source of electrolytes and natural sugars, comes coconut water. A well-stocked fridge makes eating at home a breezy affair.

Mr Gluten intolerant
Arjuna Suri, 31, Corporate Trainer

With veggies like tomatoes, broccoli, capsicum, carrots and beans, Suri's fridge is like a live pasta counter, except pasta is off the radar for Suri, who's sensitive to gluten. He might be working 72 hours a week, but the ingredients in his fridge don't reflect a lazy approach to health. The easy proteins in tuna mean no mid-meal binging, the healthy fats in coconut milk make it a good dairy alternative and buttermilk is a quick fix to a sluggish metabolism.

Expert's Verdict: Who said real men don't eat healthy! Except for the barbecue sauce and thousand island sauce, (replace the calorie bombs with apple cider vinegar, olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette or a yoghurt based dressing), his fridge is loaded with all the healthy essentials. The contents of his fridge show that he embraces healthy fats and protein. This guy takes pride in what he puts into his body and so should you.

Mr Nut Cracker
Nakul Bajaj, 24, CEO,

The sights and smells here take you to a trip down the weekly sabzi mandi. The supply of fresh produce is a nutritionist's delight. More so, the nuts like pistachios and almonds improve brain function and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Fresh fruits and veggies, like watermelon, papaya ensure fibre and more lasting energy. And sprouted grains are a great pick up for complete protein a vegan misses out on by not eating meat.

Expert's Verdict: Nakul hit the bull's eye with foods that boost workout performance and alleviate muscle soreness. Healthy eating doesn't have to be painful and the contents in Nakul's fridge show that it is possible to avoid binging on high cal food. Remember out of sight is out of mind, so de-clutter your fridge and put healthy foods in your line of sight; you'll be more likely to stick to the latter.

Mr Instant Trouble
Lok Kulhar, 25,
Manager-Talent Acquisition, Ericsson

This is the typical case of my-fridge-has-enough-to-feed two-but-am-always-hungry! That because all the packaged food is high in sugar which makes you crave for more. Loaded with harmful additives and hormones, Kulhar's fridge has all the health bombs waiting to explode, especially with the packaged chicken and juice.

Expert's Verdict: The tomatoes and pomegranates are great sources of fibre, vitamins and antioxidants, but that does not discredit the packaged Apple and Cranberry juice or the jam, all of which add to the waistline and increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes. Instead, juice your veggies and eat your fruit with the fibre intact for maximum benefits.


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