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Button up
Sohani Dogra
Tuesday, September 15, 2015
There are style rules you can't afford to give a miss. Catch the rule breakers in these looks, and check whether you're thinking right.

Look 1
Roll it up

Being a quintessential attire for a fancy evening or a business meeting, a basic striped dress shirt is one of the best ways to flaunt your dapper self. But while you do that, there is a variation you can make to ease out the uptight persona and make room for some comfort. People are often left bemused when it comes to sporting formal shirts in a semi-formal way, which is a slightly more relaxed dress code. "Roll just below the elbow, as that tends to look better than rolling sleeves up above. Folding the cuff four times works best," says Carlton DeSouza, lead stylist, Myntra.

Shirt, Camessi, Rs 4,800; Trouser, Gant, Rs 5,999; Shoes, Tresmode, Rs 9000; Watch, Gant, Rs 7,880; Belt, Nautica, Rs 3,400

Look 2
Fasten your belt

A casual belt, as opposed to a formal one, can in no time break the appeal of your formal attire "because both are meant for different occasions and purposes. It's like having beer instead of a breakfast tea," says Mumbai-based, celebrity stylist, Nitasha Gaurav. "However, given the restrictions of accessories for men, adding a belt to your look is almost mandatory," believe Goabased designers, Riiddhi and Siddhi Mapxencar of MapxencaRS. "It's wise to pair a belt that complements the colour of your shoes."

Shirt, French Connection, Rs 2,999; Trouser, Gant, Rs 5,999; Belt, Nautica, Rs 3,400; Shoes, Tresmode, Rs 10,000

Look 3
Uptight plain

With an inherent ability to lend you the right frame for almost every occasion, a perfectly fitted shirt can play a significant role as the centerpiece of your suited avatar. Get your hands on a light-coloured, plain one when combining with a darker suit. "Think subtle, pastel colours," says Riiddhi. A formal dress code should hit all the right notes, which means your suit must meet the formal requirements and at the same time, be relaxed enough. "Adding a tie to it is essential only if you want to dress in proper corporate fashion," says DeSouza, but it can be an option for a dinner party.

Shirt, T.M. Lewin, Rs 3,840; Suit, Brooks Brothers, Rs 49,000; Tie, SBJ, Rs 999; Watch, Gant, Rs 7,890; Belt, Nautica, Rs 3,400; Shoes, Tresmode, Rs 9,000

Look 4
Take the right step

This is, by far, the most fatal mistake most men commit when sporting a dress shirt: Wearing flashy shoes and thinking that it's acceptable for formal or corporate events. "Sharp formal looks require formal footwear. These could be lace-ups like brogues or oxfords, or buckled shoes like monkstraps, which are also in-trend this season," says Gaurav. There is nothing that will make you look more stylish and lend you that gentlemanly perfection than a nice pair of dress shoes. "Casual shoes do not work well with a corporate look, so it is safe to wear formal lace-ups," says DeSouza.

Shirt, Tommy Hilfiger, Rs 3,850; Trouser,, Rs 2,990; Belt, Nautica, Rs 3,400; Shoes, Tresmode, Rs 9,000

Look 5
Know your knot

Ensure that the pattern of the tie you chose to go with your shirt, complements it equally and effectively. You are free to experiment with patterns on your shirts, ties and handkerchiefs as long as they are not too bold. "Self-coloured slim ties work best, but depending on the size of the checks and the colours of the shirt," says DeSouza. A patterned tie teamed with a patterned shirt holds the capacity to kill the glam of the entire look, if not worn the right way. Also, note that the pattern on your tie should never be more noticeable than the one on your shirt.

Shirt, T.M Lewin, Rs 2,850; Trousers,, Rs 2,990; Tie, Ashish Soni, Rs 3,280; Belt, Nautica, Rs 3,400; Shoes, Tresmode, Rs 9,000

Style rating 1: You need fashion counselling 2 & 3: in the know 4& 5: Fashionably Forward

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