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Call the shorts
Not all shorts are made equal. The pair you wear has to be functional, yet stylish. Here's a lowdown on shorts that you'll need this season

Read the print

Floral prints add a fresh breath of style and comfort to every wardrobe. "Floral designs on legwear may conjure images of awfully bulky board shorts, keep the silhouette slim and the length just above the knee for a piece that offers a positive style statement," says Mumbai-based fashion designer Nikhil Thampi.

Do consider quality
Look out for waistband construction, pockets and buttons. When considering the waistband, make sure it is the same style as your chinos.

Tailor swiftly

Tailored shorts are your go-to option for a smart casual look. "Keep the colours neutral. You can experiment with subtle patterns and textures-just keep the colour under control and restrict to a maximum three shades at a time," says Thampi. To smarten them up, pair them with a structured blazer and canvas shoes.

Adapt versatility
Get shorts in classic block colours such as navy, grey, beige, olive or white. Not only do these offer versatility but also provide you with a solid foundation.

Decode khaki

Khaki shorts with multiple pockets are great for hiking or working outside. Beyond that, they don't look great at social gatherings other than the very casual ones or when lazing out at home. "Khaki shorts will always have that relaxed casual vibe to them, treat them accordingly," says fashion designer Rajesh Pratap Singh.

Pay attention to fabric

Make sure they keep you cool. Opt for materials like cotton, linen-blends or seersucker to help keep sweat at bay.

Crop it up

Cropped shorts work best in casual settings, be it poolside, at the beach or in the park. "Since you'll often be wearing them without anything else on, you can afford to be more extravagant with colours, patterns and designs, so feel free to go wild," says Thampi. Their sophisticated yet simple look is designed to take you from beach to bar with a quick slip into a formal footwear.

Do get the length right
Taller men should aim to have their shorts finish just above the knee, this will balance their long proportions. A couple of folds at the hem will add natural bulk to thin legs. Short men, on the other hand, should wear it a couple of inches above the knee, which will give the appearance of longer legs.

Denim deal

"Denim shorts are casual pieces, utilise them in this way by pairing alongside a similarly casual T-shirt. The printed tee makes the perfect foil for off-duty denim," says Singh. Work prints into your look through the T-shirt and bring the outfit up a notch with some slightly smarter footwear.

"Look for solid coloured versions with minimal fading, bleaching or distressing, if you want to dress up your head to toe denim look," Singh adds. A pair of white denim shorts almost gives them a smarter appearance chino look, enhancing their versatility and enabling them to be paired with casual or formal pieces.

Do double denim
The double denimis a bang on trendand makes mixingyour denims thatmuch easier due tothe non-standardcolours used.Layer a statementV-neck tee underneath to create a stylish double-denim ensemble.

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