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Date out of your league
You finally found the guts to ask out your crush, and she said yes. Now what are you going to wear? here's your foolproof date gear for every situation.

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What is a date without some adventure? If you plan to surprise her by taking her out for a day of trekking, cycling or a photo walk, this is what you should wear. A pair of stretch jog pants and a crew neck t-shirt that compliments all body types. Roll up the sleeves to show off those toned biceps. Complete the look with ankle top sneakers that are most apt for tough terrains and add a cool edge to your personality. A rubber strap watch will add to the sporty appeal.
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Sweat out for the prize

There's nothing more appealing than a man who takes fitness seriously. Get into clothes that will take you from dates to treadmill effortlessly. "Wear a pair of comfortable jog pants, they look chic. Pair it with a cotton sweat absorbent t-shirt and canvas shoes," says Delhi-based fashion designer Rajvi Mohan. Women have a better sense of smell. Wearing fragrant leather is a great way to get inside her head. To bring on her animal instincts, wear the hide of a beast.
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Bring on the night crusader

Rushing from a business meeting to a plush restaurant for that special dinner? Wear a contrast collar shirt, let this be your statement piece. "Women like signs of money and education-these indicate that this guy will have some resources," says Helen Fisher, a professor of anthropology at Rutgers University and the author of Why We Love" So wear a nice tailored suit, that will get her interested. Opt for a coloured leather strap watch. It will pep up your formal attire.
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Screen your next movie

According to Devendra Singh, a professor of psychology at the University of Texas, women subconsciously look out for the hip to waist ratio. They rate men with 0.8 to 0.95 ratios (almost a straight line) as most appealing. The ratio is an indicator of testosterone, which inhibits fat in the buttocks and waist but allows it in the upper body, explains Singh. So, for a day or night out with her don a structured blazer. It creates a visual line from your neck to your thighs, which conveys an appealing waist-to-hip ratio.
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Decode laws of symmetry

The key to easy seduction lies in symmetry. According to the Penguin Atlas of Human Sexual Behaviour, 65 studies of 42 species have connected symmetry and sex appeal. So what if you can't change your face, you can frame it properly. "Wear a straight-point-collar dress shirt, with collar points 2 3/4 to 3 inches in length. This collar frames the face best, regardless of shape," says Alan Flusser, author of Dressing the Man. Wear a cardigan over it lest you want to look like a fresher at a job interview.
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The top 5 style accessories for men
These items will help you look better and are built to last. Others are purely functional. But they're all essential, because they will all make you a better man. Let the shopping begin

1. White Handkerchief
One accessory, multiple uses: your sister is crying (tissue), you're eating a burger (napkin), you're called into a meeting (pocket square). Keep it tucked away in your pocket at all times; it's the gentleman's secret weapon.

2. Business Card Case
(Tumi, Rs 4,300)
A simple leather case doesn't take up space, protects your cards, and looks good but not so good that it's distracting-that's what the fancy title on your business card is for.

3. Briefcase That Doubles as an Overnight Bag (Hidesign, Rs 6,795)
The best briefcases are sturdy and made of leather. This one can be carried by the handles or slung over your shoulder. It's small for office use, but roomy enough to fit a change of clothes.

4. Reversible Belt

(Kenneth Cole, Rs 3,000)
The only leather belt you need: a simple twist of the buckle switches it from brown to black.

5. Shoe Shine (Kiwi, Rs 699)
Okay, this isn't so much an accessory as it is a service, but come on: A new pair of shoes for Rs 500? Damn, that's a
deal! Available on or any first-world airport.

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