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Denim decoded
Sohani Dogra
Tuesday, August 11, 2015
There's a rule to almost every style you create. Spot the obvious errors in these looks and see if you're thinking (and styling) right.

Look 1
Think subtle, not loud

Being quintessentially comfortable yet stylish, a denim on denim may be your safest bet but not necessarily combined with an all-over floral print peeping from beneath. However, if you're a fan of prints and want to break the denim monotony, make way for a subtle one. "When adding a floral printed t-shirt to the mix, make sure it's in a shade that works with denim. With darker denim, a white or light base printed t-shirt will pop up," says Mumbai- based celebrity stylist, Nitasha Gaurav.
Forever 21, t-shirt, Rs 909; Jack & Jones, denim jacket, Rs 5,995; Forever 21, denims, Rs 4,995; Jack & Jones, shoes,Rs 6,999

Look 2
Tucked ain't right

Denim is the basis for casual dressing, so keeping everything tucked and buttoned seems downright sacrilegious. Gaurav says, "Tucked in t-shirts and shirts look singularly odd with jeans. Avoid unless it's a casual tuck." Also untucking your t-shirt can help you camouflage any flaws in the midsection, if you have any. Mumbai based designer, Nachiket Barve says, "Unless you want to convey a retired gentleman vibe, why age your look? Tucked in t-shirts look best with only slightly edgier denims."

Lacoste, shoes, Rs 5,700; FCUK, t-shirt, Rs 1,899; FCUK, denims, Rs 4,999; Calvin Klein, belt, Rs 2,999

Look 3
Lace ups? Nah!

Denim on denim is dandy and blending blues is no rocket science, but doing it well, while complementing with the right choice of shoe is paramount. Pairing formal lace-ups with a casual day look, will kill the charm of it all. Think wise and strive to get the rustic sensibility of the Malboro man with patent boots for a cool denim look. "Sporty denims are best paired with studded or edgy shoes," says Barve. "Boots go well with any kind of denim; try a dark brown pair for a rugged look," suggests Carlton D'souza, a stylist
for Myntra.

Forever 21 , denim shirt, Rs 1,379; Jack & Jones, boots, Rs 5,995; Calvin Klein, t-shirt, Rs 2,299; Jack & Jones, denim, Rs 10,995; Lacoste, bag, Rs 7,999

Look 4
Belt it correct

You want a grip on your waist, but not necessarily the one that is always visible. "Belts should be worn only to hold pants (especially denim), otherwise it's fine to avoid them," says Gaurav. However, if you still want to wear one, use logic; there's no room for a formal leather buckled one when you're pairing it with a denim bottom. Instead opt for something more fun, maybe with prominent rivets, making up for the cool quotient. Barve says, "A vintage macrame or even a canvas one can serve the part well."

Jack & Jones, shirt, Rs 22,995; Lacoste, denims, Rs 6,500; Jack & Jones, belt, Rs 1,495; Forever 21 shoes, Rs 1,589

Look 5
Essentially distressed

A formal shirt will, more often than not, look out of place in a casual setting. "It's a bit schizophrenic as a vibe. The upper half says mature professional and the lower half, a repressed rockstar," says Barve. Distressed grungy is all about rebellion, contrary to formals, which command rules. "You might get away with a formal blazer here, but definitely avoid a formal shirt," advises Gaurav. Pair them with a chequered shirt with the buttons undone. Insert a crisp neutral coloured t-shirt and you're done.

FCUK, t-shirt, Rs 2,299; Jack & Jones, denims, Rs 5,995; Lacoste, shoes, Rs 4,350; FCUK, t-shirt, Rs 3,999; Guess, watch, Rs 1,599

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