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Sohani Dogra
Monday, July 13, 2015
When he dreamt of making an impact on millions through his screen presence , his inner critic kept him from making his dream come true. Growing up as a lean (read, not masculine enough) teenager, he knew his relationship with the camera wasn't going to be an easy one. But debutant actor Mohit Marwah proved his own demons wrong. The 28-year-old Delhi boy may have tasted the silver spoon, but never did what most men do: Give up on their dreams. " A good fitness routine is the only way to keep you away from letahrgy and perform better at any job.

What is fitness to you?

Fitness shouldn't be counted in terms of the hours you spend in the gym; on the contrary, it should just be a part of your lifestyle. It makes for a comprehensive part of my every day routine and has now graduated into a hobby. If ever there is a time when you feel lazy about executing your fitness plan, don't just sit and think about it-throw yourself into the situation and that will automatically put you in the zone. If possible, get a good personal trainer who can guide you at all times and provide you with that extra push.

What's the best way to squash cravings?
If you know how to strike the right balance between your workout and diet, it's fine to give into your cravings once a week. A cheat day is important to keep you on track through the rest of the week. But indulge in calorie-laden food only when you know you're going to burn it off the next day. Once you're in the zone, where fitness is your focus, you will by default want to disconnect from unhealthy, fried and junk food.

How difficult is it to make the right food choices?

Your diet plays a vital role in defining your fitness levels, as it accelerates the overall process. However, it's important to note that your metabolic rate changes with your age. When you're younger, you can eat large amounts of junk food and still not feel (and look) unhealthy, but as your age progresses this changes dramatically. Therefore, one needs to be a lot more vigilant of his/her eating habits, especially as they get older; no amount of workout can make up for an unhealthy diet routine. Also, opting for organic foods can act as a major contributor to a healthy diet.

How do you stay motivated?
A good workout session has the ability to keep you going. However, the trick is to be regular. On a broader spectrum, when you're really low and need a push, travelling is a great option. Leave your current surroundings behind and get some headspace with a new location. Apart from giving you a clearer and calmer mind, it will help you get a better perspective on how to better deal with the issues in your life.

How do you overcome fear?
Life is all about phases. There will be times when you have everything you want, and then there will also be moments when you will be struggling to get the basics in place. The key lies in being patient; prepare yourself for better opportunities while waiting for the next phase to arrive. Also, make sure to surround yourself with positivity and self-belief; if you genuinely want something, give it all you have and there's no way that it won't come to you.

Risks come with setbacks, how do you deal with them?
If you always play it too safe, there are chances that you might end up doing nothing at all. If you have a dream, you can't achieve it by floating in the shallow end; you have to dive in deep and find your treasure. But while following the chosen path, be wise enough to make the right choices at the right time.

What scores above, talent or hard work?

Hard work, always! You could be a little less talented and pull off gigs if you're committed to your job; talent alone won't get you ahead in any race. Hard work has the potential to turn a non-talented person into a winner.

One mistake Indian men make in their relationships?
Taking your partner for granted is the most significant mistake a man can make. It's important to teach yourself that both individuals are equal in the relationship. Also learn to give your partner enough space and only then expect the same in return.

How much grooming is too much for a man?
Grooming is no more an option but a necessity. Being clean and tidy speaks volumes about the individual you are. People will prefer being around you more and there is no harm in just being a man who likes to take care of himself.

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