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How Indian food is good for your gut

Good things come in small portions
Fad or trend?

Indian food has come a long way from the traditional desi kitchen to being accepted on global platforms. Plated meals and new-age presentations may be the talk of the town, but for me, Indian cuisine will always be a celebration of family style eating, with lots of conversation and sharing of portions. It was a few years ago, when I was studying at Le Cordon Bleu that I got the clarity of thought on small bites and balanced nutrition. When small plates with balanced carbohydrates and proteins are served in right portions, one tends to have a better dining experience. As a chef of Indian heritage, it is interesting when I have to do pre-plated foods, where the fat and grease has to be controlled, and food mustn't just smell good, it must look fantastic as well. At Junoon, New York, we serve a salmon fish tikka in which we have to make the base of the plate to place the tikka. We use broccoli reduction and balance it with candied fresh turmeric. Both are extremely healthy and make the dish more nutritious. Sometimes, large portions are not what diners are looking for; it's a more complete meal with a healthy twist.

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