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Italian rendezvous
Prachi Saraf
Tuesday, July 14, 2015
The newly opened Romano Italian restaurant at J W Mariott is a rustic yet modern experience, where the food complements the style in the decor. The Italian chef enthusiastically whips up home-style dishes made of organic foods. You can choose from the Insalata Di Funghi, a salad with fat-free and mineral rich mushrooms tossed in olive oil or the Insalata Romano packed with micro greens, the newest super food rich in anti-oxidants and vitamin C and carotene. From soups, you can either go for the Di Verdure vegetable soup (rich in fibre and antioxidants), or the Minesterone or vitamin D loaded mushroom soup, or the Zuppa Di Funghi to reduce insulin levels with truffle oil, a good source of monosaturated fat. Skip the Capesante Alla Florentina, cholesterol and sodium rich ham cooked in butter and the artery clogging Fritto Misto, fried shrimp, calamari and zucchini in spicy sauce.

Instead order the protein rich Polpette, steamed chicken dumplings in tomato sauce, known to reduce the risk of prostrate cancer or the pan roasted, high protein Salmone (request without the potatoes), perfect if you are on a diet. "Orecchiette is packed with the goodness of low-calorie, vitamin A rich broccoli or the Omega-3 and protein rich Spigola, steamed bass with iron rich wild asparagus in a light lemon sauce", says Pallavi Srivastava, a Mumbai-based nutritionist. Chicken lovers can get their daily dose of protein from the Pollo Al Forno, a whole roasted pepper chicken or the Pollo Alla Cacciatora, a slow cooked chicken with a dash of fresh herbs. Avoid the cholesterol rich Aragosta, cooked lobster in butter or the Vincisgrassi, a vegetable lasagna made of refined flour, loaded with fatty cream sauce and layers of mozzarella and parmesan cheese. "Order a generous portion of side dishes like the fibre rich asparagus or beans cooked in Ligure, a fruity flavoured olive oil," adds Srivastava. Carrot with fresh herbs, loaded with carotene, omega-3 and omega-6 is also a great option. A tip- choose dishes with fresh cheeses like Ricota or Mozzarella which has lesser calories, fat and sodium compared to hard cheeses like Parmesan and Romano. Save yourself for a very special low-calorie treat - Gelati E Sorbetti, a delicious mango sorbet with no added sugars or creams, a perfect dessert for the summer.

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