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MH guide to style
Linen is winning

Not just for bedding, linen is the perfect fabric for a warm-weather suit: crisp, cooling and just as ready for a yacht party as it is for a summer wedding. Get one in pastel shades- that goes with everything from chinos to denims. You'll be the best-dressed guy in the room. Layer it underneath an unlined jacket. "This season's most fashionable deconstructed jacket has safari elements i.e. greens and khakis are on trend and it should feature pockets," says Emma Reed, buying head, Koovs

Fastening fashion

Belts can be used to make a style statement and to add a personal touch to your looks. "Aim at finding a belt that discreetly finishes off your outfit and plays a supporting role to whatever you're wearing. It should never steal the show," says ace designer Rocky S. For increased wardrobe versatility, pick a buckle with your favourite metal finish (gold or silver) and stick with it throughout including your jewellery and watches. The width of your formal belts should be 2.5-3.5cm and your slim or casual belts will be 1.5 to 2.2cm. Always remeber, beltless is better than a belt too much.

Wristy business

Remember that watches change seasonally too. In the summer months a leather or metal watch is inevitably going to become dirty, sticky and slip from the sweat it will be exposed to. So wear them but occassionally. Turn your focus on to a canvas strapped version instead. A canvas strap is not only more breathable, it's a great way to introduce an element of colour without going the big-and-bold route. Straps that sport preppy stripes and pastel shades should be your go-to choice. Need another reason to love a canvas strap? They're cheaper than the alternatives, which means you can pick up a few and mix-n-match.

Get white washed

That's right, we're telling you to wear white jeans. We know things can go horribly wrong, but that's why we're here. Follow these important points: fit is everything (and the fit is snug but not tight); pair with raw fabrics like chambray, leather and suede; and don't be afraid to wear your whites to the beach(a little dirt will give you more character).

Earn your stripes

Nautical stripes are around in some form this particular season. However, there's a thin line between looking messier and well put together. Moderation is the key to wearing nautical well and avoiding looking like Popeye. "Tonal coloured stripes are easier to wear than very contrasting coloured ones," advises Reed. Nautical outfits are normally associated with white and navy but if you don't like navy then go for plain white or cream stripes. Covering yourself in stripes is NOT the way to go so please just restrict stripes to one half.

Decode denims

"There are some great lightweight denim qualities around, which makes them a summer staple," says Reed. It's okay to do double denims for max comfort. The most successful way to do this is by opting for contrasting shades. The polarised tones make it easier to pull off the look, with the differing washes drawing attention away from the similarity of the fabric. With this in mind, select a darker hue for your jeans and couple with lighter wash shirt. Pairing a denim shirt with jeans makes a stronger statement than regular. "Move away from skinnies to a more relaxed slim fit for summer. Roll them to ankle length and accessorise them right," says Reed.

Tone it down

Sure, vibrant colours are a great way to see in summer, but why not try something a little more muted? Washed-out pastels and faded shades are just as statement making as their in-your-face counterparts. "Remember washout pastels work well for summer in light fabrics such as cotton and linen," says Prem Dewan, retail head, OSL Luxury Collections Pvt Ltd-Corneliani.

The four smartest ways to achieve a perfect fit
Even an affordable suit can look custom with just a little effort. The trick: buy it a size too big and have it tailored. Zero in on these telltale details

Shoulder the burden
The shoulder seams should sit directly above the edge of your shoulders. Get it right while you're at the shop. They're impossible. to alter.

Frame yourself
The jacket should fit neither too loosely nor too tightly. Your fist should fit between the top button and your body-or go as snug as two fingers for a modern fit.

Slim down
Your trousers should taper to 17.5 or 19 centimetres to the seam. A stockier guy can go a bit wider, while the really skinny guys will want more of a slim fit.

Button it up
Pricey suits often have functional buttons on the sleeves. It's worth converting yours if you wear French-cuff shirts. Leave one or two undone.

Sensing a pattern?
Wearing patterns is like playing poker: you take big risks, but you can enjoy even bigger rewards. Here's how to do it right

Start with a solid, neutral blazer (think grey, navy or tan). It will match almost anything and it will anchor your look so it's not too busy. Clothes should never distract from your face. Next, add a shirt with a small, intricate pattern, such as pin-size polka dots. Just a small detail like this will make your jacket pop without seeming too crazy. Finally, add a tie with a larger pattern - say, wide stripes - to balance the shirt. (Don't mix patterns that are too close in scale.) Tie the look together with accents from head to toe that are similar in colour.

Three sure-fire ways to summer-proof any look
From sweaty pit stains to awkward T-shirt tans, dressing for the warm season comes with its fair share of challenges. Follow our advice and you'll be sure to keep your cool

Show some skin
Sure, the air tie is great for the office, but after hours you're going to want to chill out. Pop the top two buttons on your shirt to get that cool (and cooling) effect.

Go with the (air) flow
Natural fibres, such as cotton and linen, do more than just make you look stylish - they actively cool you during the summer heat. Unlike synthetic fibres, these ones are breathable-meaning no more sweat patches.

Pumped up kicks
The summer shoe of choice is the sneaker, especially in a bold colour and retro-inspired design. It's the ideal middle ground between fashion statement and comfortable practicality.

Get the full bottle service
In summer, your cologne mantra should be 'easy does it'. Focus on fresh fragrance notes such as citrus, florals and aqua.

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