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Spot the style bloopers
Chirag Mohanty Samal
Monday, July 13, 2015
There's a fashion faux pas in each of the looks below. Spot it, then see if you got it right.


Look 1
Belt out the right number

Seemingly inconspicuous, the belt holds the key to the right image at work. "Braided, canvas or a belt with a big buckle is a strict no-no in the office. They might go with your casual outfit but they are not meant for the office," says Mumbai-based fashion designer Kunal Rawal. It is also essential to match the colour of your belt to your shoes, and the same goes for the texture of the leather.
Shirt,,Rs 1,499; Trouser, T.M. Lewin, 6,495; Belt, SBJ, Rs 2,990; Watch, Skagen, Rs 15,990; Shoes, Hush Puppies, Rs 4,499

Look 2
Get your denims right

Denims may be the most comfortable fabric and you don't mind living in them. But when it comes to wearing it to work there are a few rules that you should follow. "Never wear a denim shirt with big front pockets that peep out of your formal blazer," says Rawal. This is a shoddy blend of casual and formal. Instead opt for a denim or chambray shirt with minimal add-ons. Your safest bet is an ironed cotton shirt.
Shirt, Trouser, Gant, Rs 8,000; Jacket,, Rs 3,995; Belt, SBJ, Rs 2,990; Watch, Fossil, Rs 9,600; Shoes, Hush

Look 3
Break the tie

A tie can make or break your look. Choosing a flashy tie or one that does not complement your attire can convey that you do not care about the way you look. "Choose a tie that has subtle hints of your shirt or blazer. Steer clear of skinny ties at work," advises celebrity stylist Shayal Seth. Keep accessories to a minimum. "A classic leather strap watch with a round dial is all that your require," says Seth.
Shirt, United Colors Of Benetton, Rs 2,390; Trouser, Louis Philippe, Rs 3,400; Shoes, Tod's, Rs 33,000; Watch, Michael Kors, Rs 18,650; Tie, SBJ, Rs 1,990

Look 4
Shut the brand factory

Unless you're an avid golfer, don't pretend to be one. You will only make your colleagues think you are rushing through important tasks to make your tee time. If you still want to wear a polo shirt then at least skip the ones with huge logos, labels, or slogans; there's no reason why your shirt should look like a hoarding. Keep the T-shirt subtle and simple.
T-shirt, French Connection, Rs 1,899; Jeans, Calvin Klein, Rs 3,700; Belt, SBJ, Rs 2,990; Tod's, Rs 33,000; Watch, Fossil, Rs 8,990

Look 5
Keep sandals out of work

Sandals have not yet made it to boardrooms. No, they are also not acceptable on casual Fridays. Avoid them at all costs. And if you make the mistake of thinking that wearing them with socks could give it a formal twist, then you really need fashion counselling. Sandals are for cool comfort and ventilation. Putting a thick layer of fabric between you and nature defeats the whole purpose. It's senseless and an all-around bad look. Opt for loafers or deck shoes that you can easily slip on.
Shirt, French Connection, Rs 2,699; Trouser, SBJ, Rs 7,450; Watch, Diesel, Rs 19,165; Shoes, Hush Puppies, Rs 4,499

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