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Prachi Saraf
Tuesday, September 15, 2015
The fine-dining restaurant, Trendz at The Lalit Hotel serves modern world cuisine combined with molecular gastronomy. Every dish is a visual delight and handcrafted by executive sous chef, Ravish Mishra.

Start with Walk in the Garden, a fat-free, vitamin C and vitamin A rich mesclun (salad) with a medley of baked baby vegetables and a lemongrass crunch. Or go for the Twist on the Tradition, a twist on the traditional Caesar salad and has chicken cooked in a healthy Sous Vide style of cooking (which retains all the nutrition) with crunchy, fibre-rich, low-calorie romaine leaves, rich in Vitamin K," says Pallavi Srivastava, a Mumbai-based nutritionist. These leafy greens contain almost 16 per cent of your daily water requirement and have no fat; however, limit the mayo and cream dressing and parmesan cheese.

A healthy next course is the low-calorie Roasted Pumpkin Soup, a great post-workout option due to its high potassium content. "Pumpkin is known to keep the skin wrinklefree, and it helps boost immunity and may even help ward off certain types of cancer," claims Srivastava.

Chicken lovers can enjoy the protein-rich Chicken Consume soup, which is an excellent muscle-building option and contains choline that is known for its liver-protecting qualities.

For the mains, try the Free-range Chicken. As the name suggests, free-range chickens have less fat content and are cooked in a healthy Sous Vide method. Srivastava says that the dish is rich in vitamin B6, folate, niacin and several other minerals. It is served with stuffed roulade, a delicious mix of fibre-rich pistachios and apricots and a mouth-watering chicken and wine sauce. The Norwegian Salmon is poached in olive oil, served with antioxidant-rich fennel seeds. Salmon is a "good fat", high-quality protein loaded with vitamins and minerals.

Vegetarians can try the low-fat Polenta, which is stuffed with low-fat goat cheese, olives and sun-dried tomatoes and served with antioxidant-rich pomegranates. You can also opt of the cottage cheese, Veg Tian (pattice), grilled vegetables or grilled polenta from the grill.

The experience at Trendz is unparalleled and will definitely leave you wanting more!

Trendz, The Lalit Hotel
Sahar Airport Road, Mumbai
Phone: 022 66992222

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